Isolated paradise
Creator: i am not airob || First Published: 12/14/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x24
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative, Mixed Base
Rating: 8.50 in 6 ratings
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i am not airob (12/12/2009 09:25pm | Edited: 12/14/2009 01:08pm):
well i think the setup is pretty easy to guess...iŽmwondering if i clumped to many cities
in the center though
DuelStriker (12/14/2009 04:58pm):
I really like the look of this map, even if some of those shoals look weird. Good job.
Fungi127 (12/15/2009 12:15am):
Cool lookin' map. I'll try this later when I'm not sleeping.
mrapex (12/15/2009 02:21am):
This looks... amazing
Taz (12/15/2009 07:25am | Edited: 12/15/2009 07:29am):
I think that, under the MT, there is a breakable pipeseam :) This would give a choice
between using piperunners and an easy access for air units to the bottom area.
As I see it, there are a few potential problems in this map, but a playtest is needed to
see whether there are indeed a problem.
1) Stealth problems: Since the airports are far away from each other, the top and bottom
fronts are much more easy to access with one airport than with the other. Moreover, it is
possible to missile-lock an airport. (although piperunners or rockets can counter that)
So, Stealths should be strong, but a test is needed to see whether they're too strong or not.
2) Once the bottom right and top left bases are captured (which should happen quickly
enough), there will be an awful lot of units on pretty narrow fronts. Again, since these
fronts are uneven, this might not be too big a problem.
3) The top right base and the bottom left base will then fight 1 vs. 3. I don't know whether
piperunners, a closer airport, good defensive terrain, and indirect support from the other
side of the pipe will be enough to prevent their fall. If both bases fall, this might lead
to a stalemate.
Even though it might be argued that, if both players managed to remain so close during all
the game, neither deserves to lose. Again, a good playtesting should help to see what
happens exactly.
airob (12/15/2009 06:28pm):
k playest started..below the megatanks is indeed a pipeseam =D
i am not airob (12/30/2009 03:10am):
ok from my actual games iŽve had in it iŽll name your issue one by one:

1-from the 3 games iŽve had here, no stealths were made. the bases drain enough funds and
the fronts are so tight that itŽs relatively hard to save much funds for stealths,or even
anything bigger than a rocket, so the airports just made some casual copters. missile
werenŽt made either, being in that lone isle asks for full use of funds for indirects and
strong mietshielding, so airport locks are unlikely unless made by a piperruner, which is
also hard as by the time the piperruner is set free the enemy already has a rocket to
cover the place.

2-about those bases, they are harder to capture than they look, they werenŽt captured at
all in any of the 3 games(being the largest one the 18 turn one) which i resigned becasue
my HQ front was virtually lost.

3-it has yet to be seen what happens when those bases are captured(maybe in the third
game, which hasnŽt ended, but will soon) howver it can be said the two bases in the center
isle have to play defensively while the ones at the sides play offensively, always. at
least thatŽs how the map has developed up to this point. iŽll keep testing this and iŽll
probably add a pre-owned city for both armies in order to stop the mass infantry spam in
the early game in the center front.
i am not airob (01/14/2010 02:15am):
small modifications done...
number of stealtsh made: 2
circunstances by which they were made:
one player had captured about 20% of the oppoentns corresponding properties and had
practically blocked the centers south bases, leaving a 6 vs 4 base match...i think any
game reaching that point is really i donŽt think stealths are that powerful
here...most of the funds are spent with the multiple fronts this map has..and with the two
citites added near the shoal ponds at the center they should draw even more i
guess there really doesnŽt seem to be much more issues with my map
Falconewing (01/14/2010 07:17pm):
Right now you're on a trend of making back-stabbing maps. Are you going to try out
something new later?
airob (01/14/2010 07:50pm):
well if you pay more attention and notice my two latest maps(andone i havent published)
you will notice none of my maps have even a similar design maybe except for versatile
encounters on north and south fronts, but then again, versatile encounters has way a
diferent design and gameplay than this one
Meta Rexy (01/17/2010 01:58pm):
This map looks VERY interesting. I'll start a game on this map and see how it goes.
airob (01/17/2010 02:53pm | Edited: 01/17/2010 03:33pm):
just wait some time before starting the game please...iŽll probably be editing some stuff
today-tomorrow...iŽll just edit this message once any plans for this are finished, then
you can start the game..sorry for troubles...

CO_RAVEN, sorry for deleting the game, same reasons, iŽll just pm you a rematch on it if
you want
airob (02/28/2010 05:58pm):
even more playtests made...i guess this is really finished now
DraconisMarch (07/21/2011 03:40am):
This looks amazing. But... I'm so confused...
pen (12/29/2012 03:00am):
Xmo5 (10/28/2014 09:56am):

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