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Rule 303 (Design Map by Red1100)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Fungi127 (12/15/2009 11:10am):
I looked up rule 303 and this was all I could find:


I don't have a clue.

Regarding your map, there's a lot of production facilities and not too many funds. 5
bases alone is a lot, but I can see you're making a lot of fronts, which is always
interesting. Not too bad, but I'm not so sure there's enough funds. I'd probably have to
test it or watch someone test it to confirm/deny that.... Oh and I despise silos, but
that's a matter of preference, I suppose.

Cool stuff.
Flawed Logic (12/15/2009 03:45pm):
certainly is original.
DuelStriker (12/15/2009 04:48pm):
I like the look of the map, but it's narrow in some places.
Red11 (12/16/2009 02:07am):

Probably needs a bit more consideration with the beaches, and maybe too many properties
in larger islands. The center, as always has strategic value, above and beyond whatever is
located there. Here it might be air units? Would carriers have a chance of being built here ? I
hope so!
Red11 (12/20/2009 08:59am):
Recommended : leave black bombs in, take out MegaTanks and Stealth.

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