3v3 - Divided Islands
Creator: Serik || First Published: 12/15/2009 || Players: 6 || Size: 30x30
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Rating: 6.00 in 1 rating
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airob (12/15/2009 06:42pm):
well its a playable map with a long lost forgotten concept:

island invasion!

first off...i think that each country should start with two pre-owned bases considering
it´s a big map...second, you should give a port to each country, everyone´s gotta have
their tanks up the othr side don´t you think?, and some more properties, cities and stuff
are a must-in

now for the terrain, the isles have a nice design, but those rivers tiles all around it
are both ugly and unncesary, also, those isles need more shoals to unload units, i think
that´s probably the problem that makes the island invasion concept not much used, as the
few shoals that exist can be locked into position by the local indirect units or covered
with infantry masses, so you need much more shoals.

now on the isalns itself, you need more variation, those forests clumped all together look
nice in some spots, but in other they are just ugly. u need to throw in some mountains ans
city, and spread the forest a bit more. keep up the work though!, hpefully you´ll get
better in your maps

LightbyNight (09/12/2019 05:34pm):
This map is a great idea. However, there are some flaws we experienced while playing. Since the Navy Bases are inland, you can't build any subs, battleships, etc. I think this was intentional (and it's fine). But, the lack of airbases for each player makes it possible for teams to line the shores with infantry which makes landing units on the other island impossible. Game ended in a stalemate. Also, I would recommend playing this map with high funds (2000). 8 bases per player makes the invasion very slow on normal funds.

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