Scorpion Operation
Creator: tst5381 || First Published: 12/22/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x14
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, Hall of Fame
Rating: 8.52 in 33 ratings
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airob (12/22/2009 02:30pm):
nice map! really it just needs an FTA counter, and i think the airports are contested, you
should fix that
funwes (12/22/2009 03:17pm):
Ban Sturm, I'd say. Solid map.
DuelStriker (12/22/2009 04:56pm):
I really like this map.
Red11 (12/23/2009 01:49am):
Yeah, she's a beauty!
airob (12/23/2009 03:43pm):
i can help youplaytest it if you want, i like this map and totally love that mountain pass
tst5381 (12/24/2009 03:43am):
If you can, I shall give you a big thanks :)
Everyone is welcome to help playtest it and I'm willing to get some feedback.
airob (12/31/2009 06:13pm):
k i played on the map,itīs very good and has a lot of options. one thing that bothers me
though is that it becomes too copter spammed, which a single AA cripples the other player,
itīs like about who makes the first AA...otherwise i really like this map, mechs can be
put to good use here too.
airob (03/05/2010 06:50pm):
erm....i have something to say here...i really liked the older version of this map(wihout
the extra neutral base) these bases are too close to each other and overral the map was
really better before...with just 3 bases
Hellraider (03/05/2010 06:51pm):
I think you should remove the neutral middle base again. The map (I have played on it) was
very interesting because you only had this one base to cover 2 fronts. Now it probably will
be a very huge infantry standoff fest.
tst5381 (03/17/2010 10:45am):
...You're right. (fixed)
Ratatoskr (11/05/2010 08:18pm):
The opening is very interesting, which is sadly unusual around here. Great map!
tst5384 (10/21/2011 10:37pm | Edited: 10/21/2011 10:40pm):
Recently I reviewed this map and thought that I should swap the (5,5) factory and the
(6,3) city. This will reduce the pressure on the one base side, and make supporting HQ
more easily. Any thoughts?
Roswell the Black Rose (10/26/2011 12:40am):
this map is playable now, but it's air heavy. gaining air control is very important I'd
replace the hill (13,1) and (8,3) with forests, which make vehicles accessible
between the 2-base side and 1-base side.
tst5384 (10/27/2011 01:22am):
well, i didnt see hill at (13,1)...
Roswell the Black Rose (10/29/2011 11:53pm):
i mean the hill left to the upper airport, and the hill left to a neutral city.
walkerboh01 (11/07/2011 04:43pm):
I think it's perfectly fine as it is, to be honest.
Desklamp (02/08/2012 03:18pm):
I agree with Ratatoskr. This map leads to fascinating games right from the start. 10/10!
Mori2 (03/06/2012 10:20pm):
One of my favorite maps on the entire website. Such creative use of heavy terrain and rivers.
Kruegster (03/20/2012 07:15pm):
This is the greatest AWBW map I have every played on!

There are so many different strategic possibilities on this map. You need to decide when to
make inf, mech, recons, art, tanks, AAs, copters, and eventually rockets. If made at the
right time, almost any type of unit could effectively be used on this map, and there are
numerous possibilities for how games could play out. Obviously 10/10 -It is an amazing

tst5384 (04/27/2013 11:25pm):
Since this map finally retired from global league, I implemented several changes on it,
including moving one of the bases backward, opening another entrance to the so-called
"canyon", and building up bridges between the airport and base.
Walker Boh (07/25/2013 10:34pm):
Hard to say whether the edits really improve the map at all...
pen (07/16/2014 02:33pm):
You don't look like a scorpion.
walkerboh01 (01/14/2015 11:56pm):
I'm going to go out and say that the edits actively make the map significantly worse than it used
to me. This makes me really sad.
blanci1 (01/27/2015 01:23am | Edited: 01/27/2015 01:24am):
Strong german player Kruegster said "This is the greatest AWBW map I have every played on! ".
Tst changes map after it had a good run in global . What a pity.
It would have been easy for tst to just make a seperate new version of the map. Then
everyone would be happy and we wouldnt lose a bit of history. Also the map would be
available for newcomers or for future tourney etc.
Really the bigger problem is AWBers dont see that its almost always possible to create new
and we dont need to destroy things which people like. We are NOT running out of space. If
we were, then the hundred thousand rubbish maps that no one even looks at should be
erased. Actually the real information content in all awbw maps is hardly a fraction of
one music cd, though maybe it is stored highly inefficiently.

walkerboh01 (02/05/2015 02:41am):
Yeah I actually take back my criticism above after playing a couple more games on the new
version. This map still kicks ass. Though I do agree with blanci that having the original version
would be nice as well... Maybe I can dig up an old replay with the original and restore it.
tst5385 (02/15/2015 05:57am):
Well, I did have the concept of version control you know... just that I wanted to force ppl to try the new
one though. Now it has been out for a while so I guess if the community perfer the original one, here it

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