Versatile encounters
Creator: i am not airob || First Published: 12/30/2009 || Players: 2 || Size: 28x25
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base
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i am not airob (12/30/2009 02:59am):
so here i am, playing with pre-deployeds again.

this time i took it a level higher, first:

1-the sub if for FoW purposes, so if FoW off, there is no point for it
2-the bboat on pipes have pipe seams below them, with the purpose of becoming a shield for
the seams until the piperruner is set free, but if the seams are destroyed the piperruner
will be cut on advance,also destroying those seams will let the second sectionīs base and
the first sections bases to work together.
3-the bboat and lander on shoals works for mech transport purposes althought itīs not
much, it can help a turn of advance for the slow mechs.

as for the rest i think itīs pretty easy to work it out!
so throw in any suggestions, comments and stuff. enjoy!
Falconewing (01/03/2010 08:05pm):
That's the very first map I've seen with piperunner bridges.
I won't rate cause I am just stereotyped against big maps. Maybe you could add an artillery
far off to help with the black boats.

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