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Still Grey (Design Map by MossGrande)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Red11 (01/11/2010 01:04pm):

I like the look of this. 10/10
MossGrande (01/11/2010 01:18pm):
There are four fronts in this map, but the north - east one is opened little later. High
amount of cities grants a high funding and protects from mech rushing. However, players
still need to watch theirs backs - troopers trom corner factories may threat the HQs.
DuelStriker (01/11/2010 04:54pm):
The rivers and overall design are pretty cool. However, recons can stop infantry from
capturing the neutral bases. It would also be best to add a few more bridges in.
airob (01/24/2010 09:00pm):
this map deserves an "awesome"
przemo (01/21/2019 02:43pm):
benis :D:D:D

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