~Cold War~ NATO vs Facist Spain/ Soviets/ Eastern Europe.
Creator: Lord_Echo || First Published: 01/26/2010 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.29 in 14 ratings
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Lord_Echo (01/26/2010 06:03am | Edited: 02/06/2010 03:26am):
Team play. Red Fire/Teal Galaxy/Jade Sun/Pink Cosmos/Green Earth on one team.
Orange Star/ Grey Sky on the 2nd team. Purple Lightning can be neutral or on the OS/GS
nickdown (01/26/2010 12:41pm | Edited: 01/26/2010 12:41pm):
10/10 because i wish i had the time or skill to make a map this detailed. good work!
i am not airob (02/02/2010 11:49pm):
*looks at category
Badenhal (06/24/2010 10:58am | Edited: 06/24/2010 03:31pm):
One of the ports in Southern Spain i stucked by beaches, besides, fascist Spain hated
comunism and supported the NATO when it was to fight them. In addition we never got on
well with the Frenchs so maybe the teams arenīt OK
but otherwise itīs a great map
TI(GER)-86 (10/21/2010 10:18am):
NATO vs. Spain vs. Soviets/ Eastern Europe
pen (08/30/2011 08:52pm | Edited: 05/13/2013 03:19pm):
On second thought, I don't really think that OS + GS will have a chance at winning..
Gen.Rommel (10/11/2019 09:05am):
you need to actually make the berlin wall
Surto (01/01/2020 02:19pm):
GS is screwed in 5 turns.
Might've been a better idea to place the river a little more to the west and the HQ + a base or two behind the river so it
becomes a battle for the properties west of the river.

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