crazy 8
Creator: GoblinKing || First Published: 03/26/2010 || Players: 8 || Size: 31x31
Categories: None
Rating: 6.85 in 13 ratings
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GoblinKing (03/26/2010 01:35pm):
this should be very interesting match
if you think its to choked just kill pipes
FFA works cause i counterd fta
but you can still play a great game of 2v2v2v2
welll GL

DJ-Moogle (03/26/2010 10:34pm):
Properties are kinda bunched, might be a little too much...other than that it looks good
to me.
GoblinKing (03/27/2010 12:12pm):
how should i set the 2v2v2v2
im thinking corners to make it interesting
but then you hardly come in contact with your partner...hmm..
watcha think?
GoblinKing (03/27/2010 12:17pm):
and i know theres alot of descrepinces btween the way i placed the Countries, so to my def
for what i wanted to acheve i did my best.

GLHF or die
Erniewan (05/13/2010 10:02am):
What happened to the map? It's all messed up for me (lots of black tiles in random places).
GoblinKing (05/27/2011 02:59am):
man i see ppl playing on this map all the time
why is it so favored by the commuity but has such a low rating

Nyvelion (08/29/2012 08:42am):
Because people are bastards to go around 1'ing everything.
Veritech (09/13/2013 11:31pm):
Because landers are so relevant.
CCCP (10/04/2016 09:06pm):
Has no one noticed you can't reach the middle most area? Or has someone?
DibsRazell (05/27/2020 07:11pm):
It's Javierbait

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