Friendular Terror
Creator: Noobular Terror || First Published: 02/13/2010 || Players: 8 || Size: 27x27
Categories: Casual Play, Mixed Base, Team Play
Rating: 7.40 in 5 ratings
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Noobular Terror (02/13/2010 07:32pm):
Lab Unit: Mega Tank
airob (02/13/2010 08:36pm):
it probably needs a bit more funding...NOT too much though
Noobular Terror (02/13/2010 11:48pm | Edited: 02/13/2010 11:49pm):
I added 4 cities to each side.
Noobular Terror (02/14/2010 04:22pm):
Alright I got a game created in private if you can guess the password. ^,.,^
airob (02/14/2010 05:28pm):
er...noobula terror? lol
Noobular Terror (02/14/2010 08:14pm):
It could be somewhere on the title of the game and it could be in all caps. :O

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