Creator: knbys || First Published: 02/26/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x17
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War
Rating: 8.86 in 7 ratings
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knbys (02/25/2010 10:21pm):
Penguins are coming!!
Red11 (02/26/2010 12:21pm):

The puddle-rivers are really rather good, it looks more 3-d than usual.
Falconewing (03/05/2010 07:26pm):
Nice map, reminds me of Rainy.
airob (08/13/2010 10:37pm):
Ratatoskr (12/06/2010 09:35pm):
STA: the base that CI gets first is far more important, and allows CI to deny OS both
corner cities there, while OS can only contest one if that in the other corner.

The puddles are cool, you could do something neat with them on another map.
walkerboh01 (10/01/2011 06:11pm):
Decent map. 8/10.

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