2v2 Square Nightmare 2v2
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 03/25/2010 || Players: 4 || Size: 24x17
Categories: None
Rating: 7.55 in 11 ratings
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DJ-Moogle (03/25/2010 10:14am):
Looks good, I'll give it an 8.
GameXpert (03/25/2010 02:14pm):
It doesn't look to good (then again, squarishness is the "gimmick" of this map), but I think it'll
actually play pretty well. Right amount of props 'n such.
Nice. ^^
DJ-Moogle (10/08/2010 10:49pm):
Just noticed that maybe Teal could be replaced with a team that faces to the left.
Robocop (05/25/2011 07:35am):
thx DJ
njfball14 (05/27/2011 12:27pm):
I like it. theres a good amount of properties to finance each team, including the possibility of
air units to enter the foray. obviously its "chunky" but that was the intent. there is good terrain
variety, but personally, all those forests would drive me nuts. i like this map, i'm going to try
playing on it.

8/10 may change based on gameplay
demonhands (10/09/2011 02:16pm):
just curious, whats the purpose of the ports surrounded by rivers? I can only imagine building
Battleships, but even that is probably wasteful when you could just build a mobile piperunner in
the same general area.
the-deadly-shadow (09/17/2016 05:03am | Edited: 09/17/2016 05:03am):
A battleship is better, since it fortifies both fronts and is somewhat harder to remove,
especially Javier battleships(60% defense+repairs). It does not fortify the entire front,
but it can be used to defend arties. If you have a battleship to guard their backs, arties
will be quite hard to defeat.
chaotic jester 21 (08/22/2019 03:46pm):

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