Moats and Black Boats
Creator: xushu || First Published: 03/10/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative, Mixed Base
Rating: 8.80 in 10 ratings
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xushu (03/10/2010 03:28am | Edited: 03/12/2010 03:12am):
Moats! Filled with Black Boats! For great justice!

Here is a classic multi-front/ weak base map. However, one of the pre-owned bases are
surrounded by two enemy black boats. They can really slow down movement!... if properly
placed... you might want to remove that problem fast commanders, but that might cost you
some major tempo. Also, in either corner are Airports guarded by even more Black Boats!
Again, you might want to harass it away to take advantage of the air units' potentials,
but again, that move might leave your front a little less prepared for an assault. Curse
you, Black Boats!

Black Boat is sitting on your HQ! Maybe we can use this to our advantage... and amass a
fleet of Black Boats to protect our Headquarters!

Well, I guess they aren't that bad after all...

Definite Bans: Colin, Hachi, Sensei, Kanbei, Grit
Optional Bans: Sturm, Von Bolt, Sami, Nell

I think that is about right~ Ban list subject to change after testing. Enjoy!~
Harti (03/10/2010 06:48am):
This is such an awesome map.
airob (03/10/2010 08:56pm):
yea very nice map!
mhm donīt you think the FTA counter is a bit overdone?
xushu (03/12/2010 03:14am):
@airob: Removed an infantry~
Taz (03/12/2010 02:15pm):
I just love the concept. The overall design is nice too.

airob (03/12/2010 04:59pm):
now itīs just not enough :P
3 base map standar FTA counter:
1 inf + 1 city in capturing range of the enemyīs base.

you may add a second infantry IF all the fronts have the same importance or if still the
first army is having a adatange on most of the fronts.

also the infantry should be in the other YC base(the one thatīs bettween two of GE) my
reasoning is that. the lone bases have enough burden already facing two enemy bases, so
you could put the fta counter inf in the YC lone base, but if you leave it there, GEīs
lone base is not only facing two bases, but also a pre-deployed inf.
get what i say? D:
xushu (03/12/2010 05:47pm):
I see~ I will fix that ASAP. Thanks airob ^_^
walkerboh01 (06/05/2010 05:36pm | Edited: 01/12/2015 12:35am):
Adding those black boats makes this map so much cooler than it would be otherwise. Great
Headphone (08/03/2010 04:11pm):
This map is brilliant.
blanci1 (03/05/2011 09:46am | Edited: 05/25/2012 12:46am):
Excellent mixed base map ... played here,... difficult purchase decisions, also twists,
turns, sacrifices the norm !
Original BBs guarding HQ, base, and airport. (beware of moving them,,they cant go back!)
spent half hour pondering over the bbs, only to regret what i
had done ! ( i should have used nyv move planner). The mountains, semi- exposed hq,..
all work well imo/e.
edit... there are perhaps some fairness issues , dodgy counter , but hopefully
negligible compared with other factors).... still v interesting to play.

DraconisMarch (07/21/2011 03:55am):
Dude, you are made of win. 11/10.
Mori (09/16/2011 08:37pm):
This is still one of the most creative maps on the site in terms of creative design. Love it.
the-deadly-shadow (01/03/2015 01:40pm):
I like this map a lot. Had a lot of fun at this map in snow.I like the way those 2 bases against one is slowed by the
black boats. 10/10
Meta Rexy (08/09/2018 03:50pm):
Forget about the airport being viable. Artillery can scare the boat off of the airport but
if it moves to the corner you will need a rocket to dislodge it, and that will not happen
until the late midgame and only if a stalemate occurs. Would prefer if the mountain near
the airport was moved closer by one tile to the airport so that you can still scare the
blackboat away with artillery regardless of where it goes.

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