Grand Assault
Creator: Luxferre || First Published: 04/27/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x15
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
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Luxferre (04/27/2010 07:53pm):
This Map is intend to become quite a battle fest, which is why I generously set a lot of cities.
Other than casual maps, the HQ are quite central of the Map, but have a high defense.
So after the develop phase, everything is going to crash in center.
The Towers were set so, that they aren't too contested, but also can't allowed to be left
alone, or they will quickly be lost.

So far, I'm pretty damn happy with how it is. However, I have some things, I am still
concerned about:

- Should I perhaps turn the Mountains in the Center into forests, to make it less "choking"?
- Perhaps too many cities?

Oh, and by the way: I intentionally left the airports out because it would simply become a
"Who-crashes- the-enemy-HQ-Pipe-first-with-a-bomber" race, and therefore I just left them
away for good.

Feel free to comment and/or rate. Always open for suggestions.
Luxferre (04/27/2010 08:18pm | Edited: 04/27/2010 08:28pm):
F5 fail.

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