Airplane Blockades
Creator: tst5383 || First Published: 05/04/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 36x14
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative
Rating: 7.07 in 15 ratings
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Harti (05/05/2010 06:11am):
Oh wow. This is REALLY cool. Awesome job!
airob (05/29/2010 07:58pm):
it had to be tst :D
Meta Rexy (03/24/2011 09:24pm):
This map looks totally awesome. I'm trying a game on it.
9/10 for the brilliant concept. :D
I also like how the APCs can refuel you so you don't have to worry about fuel. :D
DraconisMarch (07/21/2011 03:12am):
Damn dude I'm so confused.
xushu (10/12/2011 01:08pm):
This map, honestly, took me by surprise. At first, it looks like a big joke... but as I played on it, the
deeper strategy was impressive. Do you grab an early BCopter and free your units? Do you
focus on the center island, or develop the wings? I enjoyed the moment when I used my
fighters as a barrier, then let one get AA'ed to join them together and have a needed fund boost.
Definitely an original, and very fun to play. 10/10
walkerboh01 (10/15/2011 07:20pm):
I was quite pleased with it too. I wish we could change the HQ to a lab to deal with any FTA
issues from initial funding though. It is some pretty close-quartered fighting on the wings, but I
don't think the map stalemates easily. The funding is enough for a battleship and the preowned
air units provide a nice twist also. I'll give it an 8/10 for now, probably a 9/10 if the FTA issue is
Roswell the Black Rose (02/19/2012 03:50am):
has anyone really played on this map? I'd like to see how the fronts is developed. It
seems complicated to me at first glance.
amigo123 (09/25/2014 11:31pm):
wow, terible map
Meta Rexy (11/03/2014 12:47pm):
The main island is important but not critical.
I'd say FTA in being able to put an artillery in the central city on the map. Once you put the artillery there it's almost impossible to dislodge without air units, which take a very very long time to come out.....
The side islands are important too but the real issue is how long it takes for you to cap other cities on other islands.
shen150 (12/17/2016 12:07pm):
APC on water is the pipe-seam on land an effective blockade. Original Idea, I approve.
ichbinsehselber (07/27/2017 03:37pm):
This map looks very interesting.
Are we seeing some STA here? BM moves first on 2 bases, BM on 1.
Before my first test game (9/10)
Slazzy (02/25/2018 06:18pm):
How did make APC’s on sea tiles?
Mint_Swater (05/18/2019 02:09am):
Arty in the central city FTA is not true since a Mech with APC is enough to slash it.

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