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A Shallow Split (Design Map by walkerboh01)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 6.80 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
walkerboh01 (06/10/2010 07:38pm):
Another small 2P map, nothing too unique being introduced here. 3 bases and 18k per side, so not enough to
support a naval war, although air forces should play a role in the battle on the mainland. The island base is
more to supply a steady infantry stream to the 3 main fronts via black boats. I'm not sure if I countered the FTA
quite properly, play-testing would quickly reveal any errors though. Leave your thoughts, let me know how I can
improve at all.
Last Edited on 02/03/2019 07:23pm
Sothis (06/10/2010 08:06pm):
As second player PL needs to get the neutral factory first. Change it so there is a
predeployed PL infantry on the HQ base, and no other predeployed infantry for either side.
That should do it. With only the one central front this could be very stalematey. Maybe
extend the peninsulas to connect to the Comm Towers, and then to the base of the opposite
walkerboh01 (06/10/2010 08:55pm):
Ah yes, you're right about the FTA counter, I fixed it. Thanks.

I see 3 fronts on the central island... Extending the peninsulas would result in a 4th and 5 front, i'm pretty sure
I'd want more than 2 bases on the central island for that, right? I figured by making the fronts each 5-6 spaces
wide that would prevent stalemates, especially with the airports and ports for backup as well.
Last Edited on 02/03/2019 07:23pm
Sothis (06/10/2010 09:06pm):
Ah you're right, I was thinking the corner bases were friendly. It should be fine.
walkerboh01 (06/23/2010 01:10am):
Added a way to access the bottom of the mainland from the island, changed the black boats to landers, added a
couple more properties for each side, and tried to increase the incentive for fighting in the center. Play-tests
walkerboh01 (02/08/2011 04:21am):
Just a note that this map may have considerable STA. Playtests are pending.
Last Edited on 06/22/2011 08:24am
walkerboh01 (10/05/2011 12:10am):
I think this map looks pretty cool, but between the possible STA issues and the main island
being a little too cramped, it's only a 7/10 in my book.
rishu (02/02/2012 03:35pm):
i think i like it better if the 2 lands are seperate
walkerboh01 (02/03/2012 12:34am):
I think I would like to separate them a little bit more. But not totally.
walkerboh01 (01/11/2015 02:46am):
Adjusted HQ position (from island to mainland), tweaked terrain around the center, and moved
the central bases a little farther away from each other. This is probably about as complete as
this map is gonna get.

Edit: I also mitigated the STA issues somewhat by allowing a route to the island from the
second base, as well. So now both bases should be responsible for capturing some of those
Last Edited on 01/11/2015 04:17pm

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