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Implosion (Design Map by walkerboh01)
Categories: Casual Play, Mixed Base

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walkerboh01 (06/11/2010 03:29am):
Alright, we've got 4 bases and 23k per side (is the FTA counter right or does it need to be stronger?) and a
heck of a lot of fronts. There should be plenty of fighting in the center and around the edges, and each side has
an airport to help break up stalemates. Not much else to say, i'm really interested to see how it plays out.
Thoughts for improvement?
Last Edited on 06/11/2010 03:38am
airob (06/12/2010 01:47pm):
the map looks awesome.
walkerboh01 (06/22/2010 11:53am):
I changed it around a little after play-testing it.
1. Added another opening into the center. There wasn't any action in the center, so i opened it up just a little
more and made the central properties more contested.
2. Removed some mountains in corners. To encourage less mech spam i opened up the terrain on the sides
and added more bridges across the rivers.
3. Switched the pre-owned base placement. Before I think it was unfair because in each corner one country
was at a disadvantage because they had to capture their base first while the other country's was preowned.
This way there are 2 fronts with pre-owned base vs. pre-owned base and 2 with neutral against neutral. Do I
need to add a pre-owned PL city to appropriately counter FTA or is it still sufficient as is?

Edit: #3 is now irrelevant, because I just made it a 3 preowned, 1 neutral base map. We'll see how this works
Last Edited on 07/01/2010 06:56pm

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