Coastal Conquest
Creator: walkerboh01 || First Published: 06/30/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x23
Categories: A-Rank, Hall of Fame, Base Light
Rating: 7.25 in 20 ratings
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walkerboh01 (06/30/2010 01:26am | Edited: 07/01/2010 04:00pm):
Another orangle vs. purple, start-from-the-edges-and-work-your-way-inward map. An extra 2k is available
once the airports have been captured to help promote aerial combat, ports are not shoal-locked, and 3 fronts
with 2 bases a side should lead to relatively interesting, higher tier unit battles.

I was thinking about adding another base per side in the interest of being able to produce more infantry, but
couldn't find a good way to fit it into the map without making major changes. Any thoughts on whether to go with
2 or 3 bases per side would be appreciated.
airob (06/30/2010 06:32pm):
the port accesivity and closeness to the FTA counter should make it so that the second
army might be able to capture the airport first(right now it doensīt) or at least get a
considerable fund advanatage late game to compensate for capturing the airport
walkerboh01 (06/30/2010 09:56pm):
Wait what? The way it is now, PL should be able to capture the port first, and therefore should be able to get to their
airport first. Doesn't that properly counter the FTA? I'm not quite sure what you mean.
airob (06/30/2010 09:58pm): doensīt matter if PL captures the port first..AB can stil make the
bboat faster..that is..if my calculations are correct...but i think iīm wrong while doing
my calcs again.
walkerboh01 (07/01/2010 04:26am):
The way I calculated it, if both sides try to capture the port and closest properties as quickly as possible, on
day 4 AB will have an income of $4000 and $7000 in funds. PL will have an income of $6000 and $9000 in
funds. So PL could build the bboat and 1 infantry on day 4, while AB would have to wait until day 5. Even if
PL waited until day 5 to build the bboat, they would still have a $2000 funds advantage over AB at that point.
And that's assuming both sides capture the closest properties and build a bboat as soon as possible, which
is unlikely to happen. I think adding a preowned PL city would give STA, and putting the infantry on the other
PL base would give FTA...
airob (07/01/2010 02:40pm):
ok iīm wrong.... :P
airob (08/07/2010 06:35pm):
added for review, letīsee if some more games donīt end in a 40 day game
Protector (10/22/2011 08:18am):
It took me 22 turns to win on this map with a league game. Excellent mix of terrain, and I kind of
like how the HQs are on islands, causing a constant fear that your enemy will send a transport
over. When you finally take the airport it is difficult to decide whether to build aircraft to attack the
nearby enemy base, or a transport to move the infantry you captured the airport with, either to
the enemy HQ or to your own HQ. 10/10
Ender_vk (04/26/2013 12:07pm):
Como se entra para jugar!!
blanci1 (01/27/2015 02:52am):
i had really intereting games here years ago. v Kreugster

blanci1 (01/27/2015 03:07am | Edited: 01/27/2015 03:16am):
After discovering that Ender above (who was asking how to enter and play) actually managed
to join awbw and has 222+games and
counting i tried navegating back to here and firefox said problem and i clicked try again
and then later understand the message saying "resubmitting" as it resent my above posting
which i erased and wrote this instead.
walkerboh01 (02/24/2018 01:43pm):
Some small tweaks made:
- HQs are no longer isolated on the island
- Ports are now available for both bases (and un-shoaled on one side)
- Minor tweaks to reduce terrain heaviness near the bases
walkerboh01 (09/01/2018 05:56pm):
Minor changes to the city positions near the bases to hopefully offset some STA issues.

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