Beyond Eternity
Creator: walkerboh01 || First Published: 07/07/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 6.50 in 24 ratings
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airob (08/04/2010 12:12am):
erm...FTA counter?
walkerboh01 (08/06/2010 03:12am):
Psh... FTA counters are overrated anyways =P
walkerboh01 (02/11/2011 04:58am):
Okay, I completely redid this map because the original blew chunks. Literally the only thing
that remains the same from the original version is the placement of the ocean and shoal tiles
around the outside of the map.

I'm putting this back into New Maps to be retested. Hopefully this plays out well, but i think it
walkerboh01 (11/24/2011 07:24am):
Edited again to help fix airport problems. I pulled the forward airports back a couple spaces and
opened up the mountain walls, allowing better AA access to the middle. That should make copter
spam/switching fronts less of a problem. I don't like that it's very difficult to AA-lock the airports
now, but hopefully it works regardless.
Madd Maxx (04/01/2012 10:41am):
Green vs green. That's a nightmare waiting to happen. Why not use yellow and brown? or
Grey and black?
walkerboh01 (04/02/2012 03:59am):
It looks pretty. You can change the color when you play, it's not really a problem.
HelloSkitty (01/22/2013 09:09pm | Edited: 01/23/2013 03:40pm):
Supposing Teal were to send that infantry straight to GE HQ, assuming zero
resistance, Teal would win on Day
6. Now even if GE builds an infantry and rushes it towards their HQ, it would take
too long.

The only way to get there in time would be build one infantry on day one, build an
APC on day two, and rush it
there to stop Teal. GE's infantry unit would get there on Day 5 to be able to attack
at the start of Day 6. But even
then, it gives up so much time, not being able to use the second base until Day 3,
putting GE at a severe

Teal's predeployed infantry must be deployed much farther back to prevent this
from happening. Perhaps
three squares to the north, in the forest.

Edit: Nevermind, I'm dumb.
walkerboh01 (03/15/2013 12:08am):
That would be the best thing ever if this map made it into the league with an obvious error like
that. Too bad we're too perfect for that to happen =).
CharleMattimus (01/20/2014 09:14pm):
Pretty fun map. 9/10
rusty4tw (02/14/2014 05:45am):
note to self: League bans currently are Colin Flak Grit Hachi Jugger Kanbei Nell Sensei
TI(GER)-86 (04/21/2014 08:55am):
The team colors are bad.
walkerboh01 (07/09/2014 02:48am):
Luckily you can change your color whenever you want!
Tyrantboy (01/21/2015 06:03am):
why ppl crying about the colour?

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