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Shadows chase you endlessly (Design Map by i am not airob)
Categories: Base Light, Global League, Hall of Fame, S-Rank

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Rating: 8.07 in 28 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 9.67 in 3 ratings
i am not airob (07/07/2010 03:20pm):
ports mean to bship carrier lock
this map is meant to have some teching up qualities, since there are only two
bases-sea-airport and a lot fo funds.
walkerboh01 (01/29/2011 01:39pm):
This is a rather good map. I had a couple really good games on it, and like it a lot!
Kamuscha (08/29/2011 02:43am):
Lol Sturm autowins against all high tier CO's. Highly recommend banning him. Very fun map
walkerboh01 (07/13/2012 04:23pm):
I really like how this map plays. Makes for great games, and having a successful 2-base setup
on a map this big is pretty unique. 9/10.
blanci1 (04/04/2013 08:29pm):
plenty of interesting geographical features plus wierd "off-side" blackboat , and air ,
makes for good game.

Also perhaps only having 2 bases reduces the amount of spam infantry (since there is more
funds per base) and so games dont get a heavy build up of forces with drawish type
stand-off with neither side able to advance.
(For some reason? most awbw tourney maps have 3 bases per team...) And also the several
fronts makes for diverse ways of making progress.

Predeployed units can give fta. As is standard theory (see the wikis or forum) the second
players BB should be moved half a days movement toward the centre. That might help (no
guarantee, but its better than nothing). I havent analysed deeply but superficially
there is some FTA. I would definitely prefer to play first here. The 2nd player may manage
to equalise if he is sufficiently careful and aware , but i would have a much more easy
time of it. Thats sufficient to indicate FTA.
I wont say more because i dont wish to give a total spoiler for new players
and others. :)

Last Edited on 05/12/2013 07:16am
Mori2 (04/24/2013 10:32am):
Yeah. It's definitely one of the better two base maps out there.
airob (05/30/2013 10:32pm):
Blanci1: Thing is, the BBoats can be used in so many ways depengin on how you´re gonna
focus your game. You can use it to deploy mechs faster to the fronts and save funds for
the other fronts. You can use it to blockade the port or the shoal connecting to the
islands. Either way, both players can do this, simultaneously. So the Bboats have many
uses, but they arent so big as to affect the game in any way negatively.
Nyvelion (02/15/2014 07:00pm):
edit: deleting stupid comment I made..... no, it was not a good one, you're all nice but
you don't have to lie to me to make me feel better. Let's all just forget I said anything.
Last Edited on 04/26/2015 01:53pm
Black Shoal (02/17/2014 05:09am):
I spent about 20 minutes yesterday attempting to find out if that was a real poem or song. I like it, haha. Not yet skilled enough (or rating established) to know where I stand here, but I do like how this map looks a lot.
El monje (02/24/2014 03:15pm):
Good one

Last Edited on 02/24/2014 03:29pm
airob (11/05/2014 05:09am):
@nyvelion: 10/10. :D

Cmon Nyv :(
Last Edited on 07/12/2016 03:29am
walkerboh01 (03/05/2015 03:07am):
Maybe the best map in the League.
airob (07/12/2016 03:28am):
Walkerboh01? youre alive! D:
the-deadly-shadow (10/10/2017 08:47am):
I think the BB positions are fine. the BB moves for both players before the first infantry
on the nearby base does. So I guess that is somewhat fair.
JJEmpire64 (05/07/2018 01:57pm):
Easily one of the best maps in the League.

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