Creator: Saddest sadist || First Published: 07/22/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x15
Categories: Casual Play, Base Light, Teleport Tile
Rating: 5.88 in 8 ratings
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FunkyChunk (07/22/2010 07:48am):
Unit bans: Stealth, Piperunner, Missle

Third edition of this here map. You can view the first 2 here:

Taking a suggestion from lindsay40k, I replaced a central city with an airport to provide
a very awesome advantage for managing to capture it. The airport is covered by
predeployed missiles however, so you'll need to get rid of those before you can build
anything. You also have a cruiser blocking the enemy from being able to use your teleport
line to wreak havoc.

Just to make things interesting, I also moved both teams HQs forward slightly and swapped
which pool the b-boats are in. Hopefully this combined with the airport should help
alleviate stalemates without making things into a "race for the win property" scenerio
seen in version 1 of this map.

Also, as a standard feature, the roads and pipes have been made to look different. You
know you love it.
blozzee (07/22/2010 08:43am):
sturm can has airport :3
FunkyChunk (07/22/2010 12:46pm):
I don't think Sturm has too significant of an advantage here. If you're going to leave
COs like Kindle unbanned Sturm is okay.
FunkyChunk (08/04/2010 11:12pm):
Also: lol at 1/10 rating

Someone doesn't like me vewwy muchhh
Headphone (08/29/2010 07:26pm):
Try treating the FTA counter on this map like you would on a one factory for each side type map,
the extra infantry gives PG too much of an advantage...
walkerboh01 (10/01/2011 05:51pm | Edited: 02/10/2012 03:06am):
I'm giving this a 7. I don't really like the contested airport, but at least the missile mitigate that
problem a bit.

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