Wide Open Plains: 2v2
Creator: xushu || First Published: 07/25/2010 || Players: 4 || Size: 25x20
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 9.25 in 4 ratings
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xiaoniao3 (07/26/2010 02:51am):
Oh.A good map! I like it!
DuelStriker (07/26/2010 04:38pm):
Even though it's supposed to be open plains, it might be a little too open.
xushu (07/27/2010 08:05pm):
Edit: Changed the layout a bit; added more woods to the outskirts to slow the wings down,
but kept the center open, surrounded the pre-owned bases near the owners' HQ with
woods to slow movement.
airob (09/27/2010 07:31pm):
iīm myself a fan of contested cities and lots of cities all in all.
i had suggest to contest some more(add) but thatīs up to you
matchet (01/12/2013 12:22am):
This map is good, simmetrycal and most important for me: able to being played with FoW
Thank you :)

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