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Zero Tolerance (Design Map by walkerboh01)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Rating: 7.20 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
airob (08/05/2010 10:13pm):
ah this concept was what i was trying to do with my last map(that i havenīt published btw)
only that putting the neutral base further head, near the center. that would be kickass.
it looks a great map and i had like to give it a try, pm me a game and password when you
have time :)
walkerboh01 (08/06/2010 04:04am):
Ha it's funny because this was inspired by your "el rio acelguate loco!" map. I just added a lot more land in the
middle and mixed up the base pattern a bit and voila! I'll let you know when I want a game :)

Anyways, the two top/bottom bases can catch the opponent's HQ area in a pincer movement but be careful of
the enemy striking through the middle or along the shoals flanking the mountains. The center might be too
heavily terrained, but as it stands now I would ban sturm, lash, and sami for sure, as well as the broken 5. As
always, all comments/criticisms are appreciated!
Meta Rexy (11/27/2014 05:57pm):
I like how the artillery can protect you on multiple sides due to the fronts in this map. :)
It's better than your typical artillery nestled behind one layer of infantry in a row like what you see on other maps. :P

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