Let's Mok Tyrael Land (Modify)
Creator: dbgba || First Published: 07/16/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 16x16
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War
Rating: 7.17 in 6 ratings
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DuelStriker (07/16/2012 12:26pm):
This is an interesting change to one of my maps, I like this.
walkerboh01 (07/16/2012 07:38pm):
Looks pretty nice overall, though a bit open in the middle. Tank spam will be the rule of the day, I
airob (07/16/2012 09:09pm):
Even copters are mostly nerfed because they dont have much free space out of AA range. Tank
spam indeed.
Rush_FTK (07/26/2012 06:56am):
Much Change of map.look more balanced and beautiful.great

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