Chile Pepper Islands
Creator: jtflame || First Published: 08/14/2010 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x30
Categories: None
Rating: 8.33 in 6 ratings
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BurningStarFour (08/14/2010 12:25pm):
OS and GE have an extreme advantage here. They both have land-based access to all of the
central properties, whereas YC and BM will have to not only spend the money it takes to
build a cross-sea form of transport just to get there, but it will be at least turn 4
before they even have the ability to build that transport, turn 5 before they can even get
a single infantry to the island. At that point, GE and OS will control easily half the
center section. Also, FTA is present, although since GE will be overpowered, it almost
doesn't matter. Terribly planned map, but I do like the look at least... 6/10.

Some thing to consider: remove GE all together, and the shoals that allow OS land-access
OR give YC and BM more initial funding either to capture on their own island or already in
their possession.
jtflame (08/14/2010 12:58pm):
OK made a few changes: removed the shoal connecting OS to land and put in mountains to
hinder green earth movement... OS, BM, and YC have more initial funds to help them get to the
mainland faster... how's that?
BurningStarFour (08/15/2010 04:17pm):
I would say that it has definitely been improved. I do like the style of map. Very sleek.
Kudos. I think I want to play on this actually.
jtflame (08/16/2010 01:17am):
Thanks your advice was much appreciated!
Slazzy (09/20/2010 12:58pm):

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