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Highway To Hell (Design Map by walkerboh)
Categories: Global League, Hall of Fame, S-Rank

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Rating: 7.26 in 23 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.50 in 4 ratings
airob (08/15/2010 04:33pm):
DuelStriker (08/15/2010 04:45pm):
lol, missing FTA counter
walkerboh01 (08/18/2010 07:33pm):
Haha it might be published but that doesn't mean it's finished :P
sniper06 (12/04/2012 07:53am):
hmm its better than that i guess ill give 5/10+5/10=10/10 XDD its good
tiford (12/05/2012 06:24pm):
Is it right that sea units are nearly impossible to use?
I have built a submarine, but cant get it out the port because of shoals
Good map apart from this. If you're gonna have ports at least be able to use them.
Mori2 (12/09/2012 10:14pm):
The corner ports that are shoal locked can be used for landers and black boats, and both are
quite valuable assets on a map like this. Battleships and Carriers can be built on any of the
ports, and are amazing units for long range control and zoning.

You would only build a Sub in very specific situations, and I'm not sure why you would ever
want to build one on this map. There's no threat of enemy sea units that a Sub would be
useful for countering here.
tiford (02/15/2013 05:15pm):
ye fair enough, anyway i made a mistake built a sub first time i played this map which cost the
but its decent
walkerboh01 (03/15/2013 12:06am):
A drunken monkey could make a better map than this.
CoInCiDenCe (04/05/2018 12:05am):
I hate maps whose shores form important battlefront because they are visually misleading. I have trouble in identifying available moving paths in the middle seriously.
Headphone (04/18/2018 12:57am):
Check out the new shoal option in your user info. It's so much nicer.

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