Operation Pipe Carrier
Creator: xushu2 || First Published: 10/11/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank
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xushu2 (10/11/2010 08:57pm):
Commander, you have been assigned the task to take out the enemy island headquarters.
Due to the lack of naval yards, you must assault the location with air units to dispatch the
lookouts while attempting to avoid AA patrol boats. To assist you in this, we have developed
and deployed the newest weapon we have to offer: the pipe carrier.

True, this idea is not an original one... but in this particular scenario, this special unit might
make all the difference between victory and defeat. Aside from having all the abilities of a
normal Carrier, the Pipe Carrier can portage your air force (albeit a unit at a time) across the
unbreachable pipe while resupplying them at the same time. This will grant you the ability to
quickly send air units to the front, avoiding the time consuming circumvention that you
normally would have to deal with...

Be on guard, it has been reported that the enemy has copied our strategy and is planning to
use it against us! Apparently our R&D has leaks, but that is an internal matter.

Go! And may the skies be forever ours, and conquest be achieved!
tst5383 (10/12/2010 12:01am):
Air unit cannot go on pipes... So they are not able to get in the carrier,either...
walkerboh01 (10/12/2010 06:54pm):
Yeah it's a good idea, but like tst said, it won't work haha.

It's a good map despite the fact that the air units can't get to the front quickly though. I would
unblock those forward bases, the mountains are going to pretty severely hinder the fighting in
the center. Maybe get rid of the two mountains directly to the east/west of the base?
xushu2 (10/12/2010 10:40pm):
How... disappointing... xD

Edit: Made the Carriers sit on a 'canal' of sorts to make them useful (granted Bombers
can surpass them in basic movement now, but eh, what can you do right? Also altered
the mountains to permit another center route, albeit not the adjacent mountains.
airob (01/03/2011 01:21pm):
You could place about 1K enemy carriers on each HQ sea so the air units are actually forced to
take the right route :P

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