Creator: knbys2 || First Published: 10/24/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x19
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base
Rating: 6.53 in 17 ratings
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Eligitine (12/09/2010 03:28am):
Are you sure you're not some kind of super mapmaking computer? 10'ed
walkerboh01 (01/14/2011 12:46am):
Yeah I played a test game on this map and it plays very very nicely. Honestly i think the carriers
are unnecessary though, copter spamming is hardly a problem on the map. Good job!
walkerboh01 (10/01/2011 06:00pm):
I gave this a 9 incidentally, and I'll add it to A-Rank pending.
xushu (10/12/2011 12:42pm):
Hm... this is an interesting map, to be sure. I suppose I would have to play on it once to come to
a real conclusion about it. Early pipebreakers, like Kindle/Grimm/etc., might have an advantage
over weaker COs. *playtests*
blozzee (12/22/2011 08:24am):
sorry, but this map is overrated >_>
Nyvelion (09/05/2012 11:56am):
Really? This is one of the few A-Rank maps I actually agree with.
the hawke (03/28/2013 05:21pm):
Lol i really do hope you start this map with me,like, NOW! it seems exiting
Nyvelion (05/15/2014 08:25am):
Yes, very exiting. This map is good with exits. Not so much with entrances.
Vennobennu (11/22/2014 01:21pm):
Why people use the map page to talk about specific games of theirs continues to baffle me.

Nice map, though.
walkerboh01 (06/23/2017 01:19am):
I downrated to a 7. Not so much the map's fault as a product of higher standards for balance and front creation
these days.

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