Japan 80*95
Creator: dorian5-01 || First Published: 11/07/2010 || Players: 12 || Size: 80x95
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 8.14 in 49 ratings
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dorian5-01 (11/07/2010 01:31pm | Edited: 06/16/2011 07:13pm):

xushu (11/10/2010 07:30pm):
Honestly, I think I like this Historical/Geographical map the best to date; it's crazy large, but it
appears to be awesomely accurate. Great job! ^_^

Oh, could you add a few reefs for a nicer appearance? The sea is a touch bland, but that is
me being picky. 10/10
Kruegster (01/30/2011 11:16pm):
CI get's its own island with very few shoals? It will be nearly imposible to kill CI, because all
he has to do is block his shoals to stop black boats and landers.
PepeB (02/12/2011 07:58am):
Cool. But there's maybe too many countries, and no airports.
Robocop (02/21/2011 08:07pm):
NO FUEL !!!!!!! sinking sea
yes and they where famous for there air force....
altzan (09/20/2011 11:41pm):
When moving your landers, use set path. It'll prevent the non moving error.
zaykho (05/11/2012 02:58am):

I love japan, I love this map..........
Karis Fra Mauro (06/14/2012 09:09pm):
Urgh, how does set path work? I select it but when I click on the square to move to
nothing happens.
Xero121 (09/02/2012 08:05pm):
Honestly, I'll be suprised if any one can capture a city without someone trying to snuff them out.
Are there any teams, or is this just going to be an Asian bar fight. Even so I can't help but admire
the fact that this map is REALLY accurate. 8.5/10 (cut the countries)
Karis Fra Mauro (02/09/2013 03:16pm):
Okay I figured out set path now :) Cool map,
Everdan (01/19/2015 06:03am):
Like the map. Other than normally banned CO's, Kindle and Lash should always be banned for obvious reasons.
Other than that though, great work! :)
Nyvelion (03/11/2015 09:24am):
There should be a reef if the middle of all the hq's.
BountyFrog (09/07/2016 02:52pm):
Agreed Nyvelion.... Agreed...
Chiku (09/07/2016 10:00pm):
Is the giant map glitch not workimg right now?
squirrelpink (11/09/2017 11:53am):
tomkozlo (11/10/2017 06:34pm):

fireflanger (03/20/2018 06:12pm):
TheAmazingRando (04/03/2018 10:09am):
y HQs not on mainland?
Meta Rexy (08/11/2018 10:00pm):
So you cannot capture them. Because in this map the players are split among two fronts
both equally important.
imdumb (10/28/2019 08:35am):
big map 10\10
DibsRazell (01/21/2020 06:30am):
If a two front setup is the main concern for having HQs somewhere uncappable, you could just use labs in stead. That way you
can have two labs, and unless both get capped, you're not eliminated.
Surto2 (01/30/2020 01:39pm):
Not exactly place for 2 labs on th japan thougheth

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