Another archipelago yay
Creator: i-rob || First Published: 12/09/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x21
Categories: A-Rank, Heavy Naval, Teleport Tile
Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
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walkerboh01 (12/09/2010 03:28pm):
I think aesthetically this map would benefit from some road tiles. Otherwise i like it, looks fun.
Eligitine (12/09/2010 06:29pm | Edited: 12/09/2010 06:30pm):
Pretty good map, the AB HQ in the top left isnt capturable though.
i-rob (12/09/2010 09:39pm):
both HQs from both sides are hardly captured, one has a Bship to shoot stuff away, while the
other one is very isolated and is hardly reached.

walker: i thought that too, in fact, this isnīt finisheed :P
Eligitine (12/10/2010 11:13am):
I mean because of the Black square glitch. In maps with black squares, the top left corner
cannot be reached by any means.
|-|eadphone (12/10/2010 05:26pm | Edited: 12/10/2010 05:27pm):
it can be reached, idk what you're talking about.
blozzee (12/12/2010 12:49am | Edited: 12/12/2010 12:53am):
yea if only using a transport unit like apc and T-chopper to deploy unit right in the hq,
but still you can't get any other unit to get in the hqs other than foot soldiers.
walkerboh01 (12/14/2010 07:34pm):
Honestly if a game on this map is decided by HQ capture then it's going to be the inner HQ's,
not the corner ones. I don't think this "issue" has any impact on the gameplay whatsoever...
i-rob (12/14/2010 08:35pm):
road squares to make it more bland, always the perfect aesthetic detail (lazy sarcasm)
walkerboh01 (02/02/2012 03:21am):
This is a map I would have to see some games on to really be able to judge accurately, because
there is a lot going on. Preemptive 8/10 because it looks good, but that's really just a guess.
Meta Rexy (06/04/2012 04:06pm):
The infantry serving as FTA counter isn't very effective. Amber Blaze can still cap the
neutral base before Teal Galaxy by using the black boat to transport the infantry and
taking two days to land the infantry in range of the neutral base, whereas Teal requires
three days using the pre deployed lander and infantry.
I suggest starting the lander one space north for teal, so that he can also reach the
neutral base in two days and cap by day 3 rather than day 4.
Meta Rexy (06/23/2012 12:02am):
Looking at a game vs Kamuscha I made on this map (which I am likely losing), I really like
the dynamic that the use of landers and black boats creates here. Here you have a real
reason to use these normally expensive boats as meatshields... You can create paths
between fronts and block up your opponent's paths using them. I really like the potential
they have here.
9/10 for being a refreshing map that is much different from all generic and typical ones.
The center is chokey, and could use an extra shoal or two near the center, but aside from
that I have no complaints.

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