Canal Scramble
Creator: tst5382 || First Published: 11/26/2010 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x14
Categories: Casual Play, Base Light, Innovative
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airob (11/26/2010 08:15pm):
oh i like this one, in FoW, you may decide to keep your bboat on your HQ so it is protected from
early sami rushes, or you may try using your bboat to expand your capture phase faster,
however, your opponent can choose to move his booat to the enemy´s HQ(in case the enemy
moved it too) which would make it far easier to get hq captured. i just wonder, if both countries
decide to block each other´s HQ, sami may take an advanatage here with some early inf rush.
walkerboh01 (01/14/2011 01:41am):
However if you make it out of the early game relatively even, I have a feeling this map is just
going to stale like crazy due to the narrow fronts...

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