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Brewer's Star (Design Map by dorian5-01)
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay

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Rating: 8.32 in 22 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
airob (11/29/2010 08:28pm):
jhuni (03/02/2011 04:59am):
BH and RF have an advantage because of the position of their ports near the center. BH
also has FTA over RF, so I would say BH has an advantage, however minor it is. Besides BH,
OS is also really well off because of FTA and the starting infantry which can immediately
capture the airport.
Master49 (06/23/2012 05:17pm):
Great map. You are a very skilled map maker., fix the FTA, and you have added yet another
great map to the site.

Madd Maxx (06/29/2012 09:59am):
I think it's supposed to be 3 vs 3. That's why the "unfair" seaports in the middle. I like the map
but a waste of water. Need seaports on the outside. 7/10 w/o seaports. 10/10 with.
Meta Rexy (12/03/2014 12:36am):
I feel like adding naval units to the outside gives battleships and carriers disproportionate power. They can lock airports and bases from far away and there's almost nothing you can do if you don't build your own ships to counter them soon enough...
Good map.
TheOutcastsOwn (01/13/2018 11:08pm):
BH and RF's airports are an extra turn away from the side islands compared to everyone else. They're the
only people who's tcopters and bcopters can't get to a side island in one turn.

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