stella di David
Creator: dorian5-01 || First Published: 12/02/2010 || Players: 6 || Size: 39x39
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.40 in 10 ratings
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Headphone (12/02/2010 05:04pm):
Oooo I like it
Ultrastar_deluxe (03/03/2012 03:02pm):
looks nice
JJEmpire64 (10/14/2012 06:42pm):
Usually, I'm not a big fan of battles consisting of more then three or four players, but after seeing
this map, I'm actually tempted to start up a match on this map. It really looks great, and I can tell it'll
work well.
Madd Maxx (03/28/2013 05:01pm):
that is maybe the coolest looking map in AW history. 9/10. 10/10 if you change mountains to sea
Meta Rexy (12/01/2014 05:48pm):
Stylish, and although it's not perfectly symmetrical for everyone, their positions are more or less equal :)
I think that YC and GE will have a harder time switching units between fronts due to the shape of the map, however...

Slazzy (02/08/2015 02:06pm):
Get rid of this pentagram. Bible says we should get rid of spiritistic items.
tophnhan (03/08/2015 01:04am | Edited: 03/08/2015 01:05am):
too much airports too little bases and an uneven map. THIS WILL BE GREAT!

its actually not that bad
ichbinsehselber (11/17/2016 12:22pm):
nice map (10/10)

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