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Laticauda (Design Map by xepa)
Categories: Mixed Base, S-Rank

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Rating: 9.18 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
xepa (01/02/2011 04:30pm):
well this is my first map,
I've had some trouble with the HQ's location,
and don't know about the number of bases...
Last Edited on 01/02/2011 09:25pm
airob (01/02/2011 05:43pm):
im not too sure if either of the armies can rush the HQ without the other one being able to
defend properly, i like HQs in difficult positions, but those setups are also a bit hard to
balance, since there are enemy bases really close to the HQs(the neutral ones that will be
captured) nice and interesting map for a first one.
i guess for 4 bases you may try to add two or three more cities per side. and to know if the
rushing thing of the HQs is gonna be a problem, i suggest you playtest your map and the see
how it develops, and change some stuff later. *going to new maps*
walkerboh01 (01/02/2011 07:32pm):
I suggest removing the neutral bases in the center of the map. 3 bases per side is plenty for a
map of this size, and I think it will play a bit better that way.
xepa (01/02/2011 09:25pm):
I was already in doubt about that port close to the bases, so I removed it avoiding the HQ
About the bases, I'm not sure if it will be sufficient arranged this way, but if the map
needs more bases the center of the map is not the place for them, so I removed them too.

Thank you guys!
Last Edited on 01/03/2011 06:32pm
biscoito (01/12/2011 01:30pm):
ok, now the port is back, after playing on the map I realized it won't have the HQ rush
problem =)
I was thinking about swapping the HQ and the neutral bases, changing it to non neutral, or
something similar, to play with no chokepooints...

but I think it's better to make a new map with the same idea =p
xepa (01/12/2011 02:02pm):
ops hahaha....
my friend was playing here and I forgot to logout before seeing my map =p
so consider biscoito's comment like mine =)
xepa (01/14/2011 01:22am):
I've made some changes on it, reducing chokepoints, like i said before to see how the game
goes on this map...
walkerboh01 (01/14/2011 02:17am):
It looks pretty good. You need to fix the FTA counter though. Change all of the preowned cities
to neutral cities, and then make one of those corner cities near the AB base a preowned CI city.
Then you should be good.
xepa (01/14/2011 10:31am):
walkerboh01 (01/24/2011 03:22pm):
Awesome, I really like this map. Good job! =)
ptaward (02/23/2011 04:32pm):
Just played a game with Xepa on
this map. Very fun... The multiple
fronts were quite interesting. Too
bad he kicked my butt ;)


Grit Snipe map maker (01/06/2012 12:45am):
Get rid of the pre-owned city and make it neuterale or put a plain.
blozzee (11/20/2012 10:43am):
how is this an S rank map?
Mori2 (12/17/2012 05:05am):
Because it's a very good map.
xushu (12/17/2012 06:07pm):
Looking at this makes me want to say "too many chokes" but I'll have to play a few games on this
to really get a feel for it... stay tuned. ^_~

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