5v5 Deathmatch!!!
Creator: Puck! || First Published: 01/05/2011 || Players: 10 || Size: 30x30
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 8.46 in 13 ratings
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Puck! (01/05/2011 02:02am | Edited: 01/05/2011 02:08am):
Only for team games, Top vs Bottom, team ABBAABBAAB.
airob (01/05/2011 05:40pm | Edited: 01/05/2011 05:41pm):
mhm..teams should be ABBAABBBAA or ABBAABBABA
Puck! (01/05/2011 11:23pm):
What??somebody gave an 1?
to airob: i gave Jade sun a fta counter, I think that's fine.
Tequila (01/11/2011 07:21am):
10'd to counter the 1
dav2003169 (01/11/2011 08:34pm):
this map is too good for a low 6.6 9/10!
Bearcat (01/12/2011 12:35am):
when does this game start?

NeonTurtle (08/24/2012 11:49am):
i think this is a great map for team battle, but i find the ports in the middle unnecessary
MrLePatron (10/09/2015 08:37am | Edited: 10/09/2015 10:25am):
Hi everyone! How do I move/create units? It is not working for me...

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