Dolsei River
Creator: CN3089 || First Published: 09/07/2005 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
Categories: None
Rating: 7.37 in 19 ratings
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borgez (04/23/2005 10:31pm):
This was a fun map to play on in FOW. The trees are very strategically placed and I almost
landed an infantry on my opponent's capitol before he knew I was there. You get two
fronts to do battle on and then there is the sea. If you play with enough money, you can
really use those ports nicely. Orange goes first so of course since everything else is
even, Orange gets the advantage.
Dullahan (10/06/2005 04:46pm):
Not really much strategy (Spam rockets and battleships... >_>), and significant advantage
for OS. This is NOT that good of a map, even though it's on the top 10 most popular maps
list right now.

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