Ancient Mediteranean
Creator: borgez || First Published: 09/07/2005 || Players: 3 || Size: 40x33
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.16 in 38 ratings
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borgez (04/29/2005 01:20pm):
This map i based on the map for the Ancient Med from diplomacy. I used just 3 nations
however since there is a shortage of 3 player maps. You get Carthage on the northern
African tip, Persia in the mid east, and greece or Rome (whatever your preference) in Europe.
It is pretty open in the middle with natural obstacles between each nation. there are
enough woods for some nasty surprises in FOW.
borgez (05/31/2005 07:39pm):
There needs to ba a bridge on this map between the Persian and Carthage empire. Also it
takes a long time to battle between Rome and Carthage so a factory should be moved over
there or Persia could be made to take more of the map so Carthage and Rome are "squished "
closer together. I will try it once the map is free.
The_Fork_of_Doom (11/15/2005 02:20pm):
zzomgwtfbbq! Greg Borgez! I know that guy!
Sean Et Cetera (12/11/2005 02:17pm | Edited: 11/13/2006 03:56pm):
I played as Blue Moon on this map, and it seemed like there were too few bases I could
easily control. One of the two bases requires making a lander to get anyhting made there
since it is on an island. The other bases I got to at the same time as my opponents, but
as they had other bases closer, they were able to support them much easier than I could.
Sean Et Cetera (12/11/2005 02:17pm):
However, I do like the concept.
CryptRat (01/09/2006 09:27pm):
Jake time.
saffordpc (01/30/2006 03:27pm):
um if ur trying to get thing right persa was notrh of rome and greece u have persa in asia
minor at leat what it was called then
Sean Et Cetera (02/03/2006 02:54pm):
When I played as Africa, I had a much easier time.
GuanXun (02/07/2006 07:30pm | Edited: 02/07/2006 07:31pm):
Since when was Rome green. Carthage needs some way to get into spain

Also lots of Historical screw ups on this map, for one, Rome didn't control Sicily for one

jhuni (03/14/2006 11:24pm):
YAY for no airports!
oomouwmouw (03/22/2006 09:19pm):
I don't like the one way port entrance for rome... But everything else is nicely balanced.
Aroxalot (08/25/2006 05:08pm):
there is to much shoal by Rome. there was not much shoal when the romans were around

sirfuxalot (09/10/2006 10:04am):
This map needs roads.
Falconewing (03/11/2009 03:20pm):
sirfuxalot (09/10/2006 10:04am):
This map needs roads.
The ancients never had roads.
Sooooo they used plains(cant do bloody plains can we?)
pen (07/28/2011 09:55pm):
Actually, the Roman Empire was known for its grand infrastructure, and had did have
cobblestone roads. On top of that, they had made these far reaching, effective "highways"
safe so maybe a mech or two to represent paralegal forces? I dunno, just throwing it out
there; nice map: 9
pen (07/28/2011 10:03pm):
I see the Nile, also the mass of rivers in the southeast that represent the red sea...The red
sea connects to the mediteranean and was an important trade route at the time and it
probably would still be if trade by air didn't make it obsolete over from long distances.
Madd Maxx (11/12/2014 12:07pm):
9/10. add airports and i give in 10/10
Meta Rexy (01/22/2015 02:40am):
airports shouldn't exist in this map.
But for the sake of practicality (and to stop Drake and Olaf from being so bloody annoying on this map) ROADS.
Also BM's base in Egypt should be easier for them to capture so they can better establish themselves fighting YC.

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