Soft connection
Creator: Wareagle 2 || First Published: 02/19/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 7.67 in 12 ratings
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walkerboh01 (02/19/2011 06:13pm):
I approve of this map. The FTA counter is probably way too strong though, due to the massive
property clusters around those land bases. BM will have a substantial funds advantage. You
might want to consider moving the neutral base so that it can be captured by the island base
first, and then place the FTA counter on the pre-owned island base. That should even it out a bit
Wareagle 2 (02/19/2011 06:33pm):
Allways nice to have your approval, thank you.
Changed the map is this okay?
walkerboh01 (02/19/2011 07:06pm):
Yes that looks much better. And now the fronts shouldn't develop right on those shoal bridges,
which should help prevent stalemates. If you want to test this let me know =)
blozzee (01/28/2012 05:41pm | Edited: 01/28/2012 05:43pm):
I played on this map. It seams to have fta issue though. The center is a nice spot to camp
artillery, whoever camp in there first has lot of advantage winning the game. >_>

and I would rate this map 5/10. This map design style is kinda too common imho. There
quite numbers of map looks like this.
Headphone (02/03/2012 09:13pm):
Even though there are other maps like it, the question is which map pulls it off best.
I haven't played on it enough to rate it or make an in depth comment though.
RainBooMBoom (04/06/2012 05:37am):
it usally gets spilt up pretty easy is only problem each side seems to get main island + 4 bottom
bases on other side
EchelonThree (09/23/2012 09:12am):
i'd consider putting ghost ports somewhere to refuel the landers

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