Quick & simple
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 02/20/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 11x11
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Rating: 5.36 in 22 ratings
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DJ-Moogle (03/03/2011 10:31am):
Who gave this a 1? It's certainly playable.
Ninette (04/27/2011 01:26am):
Battles on this map will probably be decided long before either of the airports are
claimed. The centralized comm tower is not a great idea either, and the size of the map
makes recons extremely powerful in the early game. Overall, it's not a very good map for
playability, though it at least looks nice.
Robocop (05/25/2011 06:22am):
air ports are there to stop stalemates and com tower in middle im not even going to reply
to that
u r right about recons early game i do it to mainly just stop infantry but more important
to save funds and let die to raise my power bar:)
but i have to disagree this is actually a very good map
every game has interesting
and plays fast plus good for beginners
overall should be at least 7/10
damn ignorant haters!!!
matchet (12/18/2012 01:47am):
Not a bad map for a 10x10 size, but imo, there are too much factories and cities for a very short
space. Com tower is definitively a good way to force a fast end in that game. But waste damage
in opening airports is a waste of time and they will never have been used.
Nyvelion (01/07/2013 05:21pm | Edited: 08/20/2016 04:54pm):
Quick and simple... you would like that wouldn't you?
Tmi489 (12/29/2018 01:56am | Edited: 12/29/2018 01:56am):
something or another
Gen.Rommel (12/03/2019 04:06pm):
very nice map, but you should make the airports more accessible earlier in the game, I completed this game with the airports
captured just before I won

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