By Sea
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 02/25/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x17
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Rating: 3.25 in 4 ratings
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Robocop (02/25/2011 08:24pm):
i suggest you start with lots of funds or set income to 3000 a turn/city
jhuni (02/25/2011 10:01pm):
Replacing the HQ's with labs would reduce the amount of starting funds per turn which
might help a little bit.
Red11 (02/25/2011 10:34pm):
The above two statements contradict each other.
walkerboh01 (02/26/2011 06:20pm):
There are going to be lots of problems with FTA, stalemates, and just general lack of action on
this map, even (maybe especially) with high funds.
Kruegster (02/27/2011 09:27pm):
Islands with only one player's bases, which prevent land units from attackning each other
tend to be a bad idea in AWBW, espcially when the islands are far away from one another
and you do not predeploy a black boat or lander.

If you want proof, just play on this map.
khdou (02/28/2011 12:01am):
I dont even need to play a game on this map to know it's gonna be a stalemate. No one has
incentive to go to the other side. They're just gonna fortify themselves like crazy
Robocop (05/25/2011 06:55am | Edited: 05/25/2011 06:56am):
iv played 3 games and i won 2 easy and got my a** kick on the other time so no iv never
had a stalemate.......
may it be you all dont like a challenge or just dont know how to play sea very well
w.e the case this is a very balanced hard map for pros so i sorry if u all cant see that
but most all sea maps are not that favored in the 1st place
most of yall dont know wat ur saying
iv played this game longer and more then all of u
this is not my 1s account
plus all my old accounts half the maps are A ranked and ppl fav them i kno wat im doing
most ur maps suk a**
so ur all just see this dont play and hate on it
ur ignorant haters rofl
Jhuni is the only good player here and even he is makeing a mistake in wat hes saying
Khdou sorry to say but i played with u lots and on 8 plr ffa everyone hates u and i seen
you leave games early if your not winning you make fake accounts to try to get an edge
plus u never say anything good about any maps but u still play em
Khdou i speak 4 half the regs when i say just stop playing
no one wants you here u mess up games
if you harass me or bug me or other ppl any more ill hack ur cpu n shut your windows down
i work 4 microsoft and i can access parts or ur computer that youv never seen b4
strike 1 Khdou
4 realz
i dare u plz just test me no one will hear of u ever agian
i really hate plrs like u
get lost
khdou (09/25/2011 01:08pm):
whoaa just found this map again and realized you commented about me.
first off- ive never left maps, i dont need second accounts, and I've always won my FFAs.
2nd- your typing sucks, and you speak like a 12 yr old.
3rd- you don't work for microsoft, and the fact that you're trying to threaten me by hacking me
proves you're a retard.
4th- since we've established you're an idiot, theres no reason for me to continue typing
Grounden (04/21/2016 04:12pm):

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