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By all means nesassary (Design Map by Robocop)
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Rating: 6.20 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Robocop (02/27/2011 04:04pm):
plz rate and comment ty
Kruegster (02/27/2011 09:21pm):
The biggest problem I can see are the chokepoints. The chokepoints are small and the
bases are far away from each other. This is a bad combination. I suggest both moving
the bases closer together and widening the chokepoints.

4 bases per player on a big map like this will mean lots and lots of units and a lot of
clicking... It would not be so bad if the bases were close to one another so that units
would be destroying each other on a regular bases, but as the map is now, combat will
not begin for a while. When combat does begin, it will quickly become chokey =(.

The capitals are in bad positions. It will be next to impossibly to capture a capital when
two bases are gaurding them up close, and the other two bases from the side prevent
players from getting to the capitals by land. ...Basically a player needs to aim for taking
over both com towers and then a base, rather than going for the capital, or needs to
surround the capital with b-ships or heavy air units. This will be annoying. You should
move the capitals closer to the middle; you could put them in the water or near where the
com towers are.
walkerboh01 (02/27/2011 09:52pm):
I agree with everything Kruegster said. I would suggest having only 3 bases, and maybe shifting
them so that the front does not develop right at the narrowest point of the map. Also you can
make the towers slightly less contested.
Robocop (02/28/2011 03:29pm):
cool ty i take that into concideration
i see what your saying
but the real reason i made the map the way i did was to teach my friend how certian
dynamics of the game most of these maps iv been creating i will delete
i am a map creating pro
iv been playing on and off for 5-6y and have finished most of the campains
my old account is mamoth so if you look at those maps plus my other maps of this account
youll know i understand what your talking about
i think all my maps are rated 7.5 and higher
i have a couple 10's that over 20 votes
so pz check them out rate comment and if you make a game ill join :)
Last Edited on 03/06/2011 04:31pm
Robocop (05/25/2011 07:32am):
oh btw new info
its not chokey at all
this map is won by dominating sea
i never new till 2 good plrs wasted me
that i started to do wat they did to me and won hands down
not only that but this actually is a really fun map if both ppl are as good as each other
every game iv played here was really fun
im keeping it :)

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