Close, But no Cigar
Creator: Kruegster || First Published: 03/03/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x16
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Innovative
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Kruegster (03/03/2011 12:21am):
This is my attemt at making a map where your bases are adjecent to your opponent's bases.

The piperrunners are deployed to prevent someone from simply using an artillery, a tank,
and an infantry to take over the opponents base; the piperunners prevent a player
from camping right behind thier base with an artillery.
walkerboh01 (03/03/2011 01:10am | Edited: 03/03/2011 01:11am):
This is a really interesting and original idea. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this
before. The best thing is, even if both sides swap bases, it should still make for a good battle.

I don't like the pipe runners though. The piperunners seriously hinder both player's ability to
expand into the other ares of the map; they essentially will pin each player in to fight the
adjacent base directly. I really don't think the artillery thing is that much of a problem, as both
players can do it on both sides of the map. You'll have to test it I think, but I know I don't like
the piperunners.

If you want to test this map, consider me a willing volunteer! =)
Kruegster (03/03/2011 04:33pm):
I don't love or hate the piperunners; I'm ok with them. There are two fronts on the sides
of the map, and the piperunners can't reach them. This allows a player to try to either try
to take one of the bases or the opponent's capital.

I am thinking without the piperunners it would be a short match. Someone simply needs
to make one or two artillery,a tank, and an infantry to take over the opponents' base. And
if he can take over a base then the game is probably won. -However, I will admit that it
would be interestesing to play a match with no piperunners to test out my theory =).

If you want to play me on the map as it is, I'll set up a game.
walkerboh01 (03/08/2011 03:23pm):
So after a play-test, it appears that the concept of the adjacent bases seems to work
surprisingly well. As far as the map goes, I think there are two main improvements that can
be made. 1) It took a long time to get funds, which slowed down the game considerably, and
2) the only action was in a very small area on the side fronts. I think if the game gets going
quicker with a faster property-capture rate, and the center was opened up to fighting, games
would be a lot more fun. It is a very interesting map though.
Kruegster (03/09/2011 11:51pm):
After playing against you walkerboh01, I agree: I think it would espesially help to have
the middle opened up. I think moving the piperunners (or taking them away) would help
considerably in opening up the area for battle.
sulla (04/02/2011 04:24am):
Very interesting map ^_^

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