When You Lose, You Can Blame Your Ally =)
Creator: Kruegster || First Published: 03/05/2011 || Players: 12 || Size: 35x35
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Rating: 6.91 in 11 ratings
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Kruegster (03/05/2011 02:05am):
This is a team game: 4 vs 3 vs 2 vs 2 vs 1. The teams are OS, GS, AB, PL vs BM, PC, TG
vs GE, GS vs YC, BD vs BH. The team order is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 4, 1, 3, 2, 2, 1.
walkerboh01 (03/05/2011 05:27am):
Ugh trying to figure out what's going on in this map makes my head hurt.
Kruegster (03/05/2011 03:28pm):
When I have a headache I am sad.
Meta Rexy (03/05/2011 05:26pm):
I think this map needs more bases.
There aren't enough here... the fighting will be extremely slow paced.
Kruegster (03/05/2011 07:57pm | Edited: 03/05/2011 07:57pm):
I admit it will take a while for the fighting to begin. However, I don't really like the idea of
adding many more bases on a 12 player map. When players start to lose, that will mean
that the other players take those bases. When someone takes over more than 4 bases,
the game stops being as fun to play because it takes forver to make and move all the

The map already has a total of 20 bases.
DJ-Moogle (03/22/2011 09:33pm):
Interesting, wish you luck on getting some helpful playtests. I think it could work out
nicely. My one complaint is that the random patterns with the pipes and seams are kinda
ugly to look at ;P
Kruegster (03/25/2011 01:59am):
You have no taste for art. The pipes are beautiful.
black_wave (04/01/2011 09:11am):
Maybe a little imbalance in the initial incomes. BH gets 5000. OS,GS,AB,PL get 8000
Kruegster (04/02/2011 10:12pm):
That is good point black_wave.

However, the advantage BH hole has is that he is one person. All his funds combined,
allowing him to buy more non-infnatry units; BH is the first player who has the option of
buying a tank, recon, or artillery. In addition, BH does not have to worry about a teamate's
unit getting in his way because they are all his units.

Sadly, when you play big mutiplayer game, it is rare for everyone to stay for the first 7 days
of gameplay. Some player quit... So on this map, there could be some fighting over the new
nuetral bases. The nice thing about being the single player, BH, is that you do not have to
worry about a teamate quitting.
black_wave (04/02/2011 11:06pm):
And on this map. AB,OS,GS,PL can hardly use their D3 recons to attack any team
Erniewan (04/16/2012 06:56pm):
Ugh, this map is terrible. I'm Pink or whatever and I can't even get more than 3 cities, which
means I don't have enough money to properly advance.
zaykho (04/29/2012 05:38pm):
Yes I think the game need some re-calibration, especially for BH.....

And I think it will be great to have more mountains, or something that can reduce the
mobility of some teams and make simple chockpoint.
Meta Rexy (06/22/2012 02:05am):
In retrospect, and after looking at a few of the previous games on this map, it doesn't
appear suited for random public folks to join.
This map seems like it would work best with well coordinated teams that are on the same
page, especially with the four man team in the NE corner. Otherwise if one person goes
down the whole team is screwed.
Nyvelion (08/14/2012 03:49pm):
That's part of AWBW!
Always be ready that your partner with 2 completed games will be booted...
Meta Rexy (08/10/2018 08:02pm):
Another in retrospect comment. This map seems to be so open that artillery are very hard
to defend. it could use a few chokepoints for people to defend themselves more easily. In
particular, between the two pairs of teams in the middle, and between PL and BH could use
heavier terrain to help defend.

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