Extreme Naval Warfare!
Creator: THUNDER_5 || First Published: 03/07/2011 || Players: 8 || Size: 39x39
Categories: None
Rating: 7.27 in 11 ratings
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THUNDER_5 (03/08/2011 12:36pm):
FFA or Teams.

Comments and ratings welcome.
Kruegster (05/12/2011 10:17am):
Players in the corners have less shoals on their islands, giving fewer places for black
boats and landers to land. But on the other hand, corner players need to worry about
their nuetral base being taken because someone could try to rush them. I think corner
players have the disadvantage because their nuetral bases are contestable, and if an
enemy takes the nuetral base, he will take the airport, preventing the coner player from
making any air units.

To make the map go faster and prevent the corner players' nuetral base from being rushed
you could give every player an infantry on top of one of the nuetral bases.
THUNDER_5 (05/12/2011 12:06pm):
Thats very true, and a nice way to counter it i suppose, or maybe just have the corner
teams have an infantry on top of their neutral factory?
Veritech (07/23/2013 07:21pm):
Hmm... But the corners will be able to capture more properties faster on their home
islands, and they can reach the ports faster... I think it's more or less even. Great map!
I wonder how good Drake would be here =/ then I wouldn't have to worry about losing the
airport as much. And, I could make enemy aircraft crash! Mwahahaha! 9/10
zaykho (07/24/2013 11:28am):
Only one thing to say:

Ban Drake ! (huge naval map + drake = endless game....)

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