Medic, Medic!
Creator: bohwalker || First Published: 03/17/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x20
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative
Rating: 8.86 in 7 ratings
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bohwalker (03/17/2011 01:04am | Edited: 03/17/2011 01:11am):
This one puts a new twist on repairing units. Instead of cities, all the properties on the
fronts are now ports (which have the same defense) with black boats that you can use to
heal your damaged units instead. Black boats can also be used for other fun shenanigans
such as blocking opponent's ports and forming meatshields.

I'm not sure if this concept will work or just fail miserably, so you can decide for me!
bohwalker (08/08/2011 10:40am):
This map works surprisingly well, and seems to be really fun. Also, battleships should be
lab units.
sulla (09/02/2011 09:49am):
Self praise! lol.

Not sure what to make of it yet. It does seem really interesting!
sulla (09/02/2011 04:48pm):
very good map! Self praise was well deserved walker lol

walkerboh01 (09/05/2011 01:01pm):
Haha it wasn't self-praise. I was just saying that it seemed to work very nicely from the games I
had seen on it. And after our test, I agree with that statement even more! =)
Headphone (09/20/2011 08:03pm):
Thats the definition of self praise
walkerboh01 (09/21/2011 12:31am):
Fine, the map sucks. Happy now? =p
Headphone (09/25/2011 09:29pm):
Now you're being a masochist
JJEmpire64 (10/11/2011 11:26pm):
Definitely one of my favorites. Good job.
airob (02/06/2012 03:13pm):
Definitedly an interesting map!
Meta Rexy (12/09/2014 06:02am):
The mass damage COs and Andy are disproportionately powerful on this map lol.
Pretty fun and a good break from the more average maps I've seen on the site :)
Also, it's really really open... tanks and copters dominated my game on this map. Perhaps more sea tiles and/or mountain tiles to make the fronts slightly smaller?
walkerboh01 (12/24/2014 03:30am):
Thanks for the critique. Do you have any suggestions on where mountain tiles might go to help
make the fronts a little less open?

Originally I intended that the black boats would help close the fronts up a bit, but it's entirely
possible that the map is a little tank-dominant right now.
Meta Rexy (07/08/2018 03:57am):
This is a very late reply. :)

I guess along the diagonal you could place a few sea tiles
instead of shoals where the black oats can move and
mountains where they can't. The middle in particular is
extremely open due to all the shoals.
Blick Winkel (01/20/2019 04:30am):
creative and interesting
added to my favourite

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