Jarka Ruus
Creator: bohwalker || First Published: 03/17/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Mixed Base
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bohwalker (03/17/2011 12:08am):
This map is meant to be played as a high funds map, meaning that funds per turn should be
set above 1000.

Funds Per Turn = 2000, 2500, or 3000 (low, med, or high funds respectively)

I think the FTA counter is sufficient, labs are used instead of HQs to prevent any early
funding advantages, and airports and ports are included to promote high-tiered unit
variety. This is a relatively untested concept so please feel free to test it and tell me
how it works.
blanci1 (04/22/2011 02:15am | Edited: 04/22/2011 02:48am):
Actually quite a decent looking map..
MMMmmm , ha ha. Took me ages to see that the map is not symmetric green-black. You
Need to explain that counter methodology a bit I think or people might wonder whats going on!
Also without pre-owned bases kind of slows stuff down, and anyway we should have to
follow the game a few turns to check balance . Is it not possible to turn the crank forward a
few days. Starting the map/game from that point may be easier to check fta counter.Though
it might be necesary to know the income 1000/2000 or whatever to do a fair balance. But
we cant choose different starting funds for the different players. So this method is good
from that perspective. Yes.
Must admit dont think ive seen such a zero pre-owned situation before ! Curious !
Actually that balance method you have may even work reasonably for variable income..
amazing if true. Isnt it discussed somewhere ?

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