Creator: bohwalker || First Published: 06/12/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 27x23
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bohwalker (04/08/2011 06:19pm | Edited: 08/12/2011 07:19am):
This is an updated version of Stormy Glen -
maps_id=53270. The name is a shoutout to Glenstorm, who came up with the map gimmick idea.

For discussion of which piped section is best, look here:

Significant changes from the first version include:
- 3rd base added
- Route from airport to front is longer, city in airport section removed
- 5th city added to block of piped cities
- Port made more accessible to front
- Almost all pipe seams removed from piped area, making your choice more final, one pipe
seam was left to give more incentive to attack/defend the sides
- Lower/upper ports were shoaled to prevent battleship use and/or sub counters
- HQ's made more defensible and fighting in the center slightly more promoted (due to
changes in terrain)

I think I took care of most of the issues, so please let me know if you see something that I
missed or that can be improved.
blozzee (06/12/2011 05:03am):
I think Javier would be a big issue in here not just because of com towers, the missle can
allow him to get 2 com towers easier
ramdalucksta7 (06/12/2011 05:58am | Edited: 06/12/2011 05:58am):
I really like it! Javier ban might be in order though, cuz 2T Javier is pretty vicious. Maybe Sasha
too because of those 5 cities. Sasha with a 5-6k funding advantage might be tough to beat...
bohwalker (07/10/2011 08:39am | Edited: 07/10/2011 09:15am):
More major edits made:
- Neutral base shifted to a backwards position as opposed to forwards
- Properties near the bases have been rearranged to slow down early tanks (and to not give
1P a vehicle advantage)
- A pipe seam has been broken in the piped area to allow air units slightly quicker access to
the fronts (2 turns - same as for an AA)
- The block of corner cities has been reduced from 5 to 4, and one city each has been
removed from the port section and from the tower section of the pipes
- Airports and cities on the corner island have been rearranged slightly to give a player more
incentive (and advantage) for capturing the port in the piped area
- A pipe seam on the port section of pipes has been removed - your choice is now entirely
final (except the port and airport can be captured very late in the game if you have an airport)

Play tests are pending, but I think this might be the final version. =)

CO Bans: Sturm/Javier (Sturm can get early tank adv, Javier w/ 2T is broken)
Unit Bans: Stealth (because of corner airports)
Madd Maxx (07/29/2011 12:53pm):
nice map. Excited about playing it! 10/10 for beauty and creativity!
Madd Maxx (07/30/2011 01:32pm):
Playing on it now. Before I started the game I never realized the whole "option" thing in the
corners. Having 4 cities is like having two more properties than an opponent in a regular map
(4000 gold difference). In 90% of those games the person with 2 more properties will win.
Having 10% defense isn't enough to defend against that. I recommend making it so each
player has to choose between 10% defense or 3 properties, and take out the rocket
launcher thing.
I'm really liking the fighting the two towers in the middle promote!
walkerboh01 (07/30/2011 05:06pm):
Hey, thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like the map! It's my personal favorite of the ones
i've made. =)

I'm not sure what you mean by the 10% defense. The towers only give 10% attack except
for Javier, who gets 10% defense too. I do agree that 4 properties might be too much, and
I've been thinking about changing it to 3.
bohwalker (08/12/2011 06:46am):
Made another round of edits. This time I worked on balancing the 4 sections.
- Added a city to the airport section and moved the airport into a better position
- Added a city to the tower section
- Moved the city in the port section, removed the two island cities, and shifted the
position of the island airport
- Piped the mainland port and changed the position of reefs in the ocean

These edits were meant to improve the airport and tower sections, because funding
disadvantage was too high. The port section was both balanced more by allowing the
undisrupted capture of the island airport, while not giving a large funding advantage for
controlling the islands.

Your choices are essentially:
1) Go for cities. It allows an early extra arty, but no tank advantages. You have 4k extra
within the first 10 days.
2) Go for the port. You can control the island airports, and gain up to an extra 3k.
However, it takes longer to get this extra funding, and you will have to spend for an
early black boat instead of a tank to guarantee the airport control.
3) Go for the airport. You can control an early airport and have the choice to build early
copters (as early as day 5). You gain an extra 2k in the first 5 days, and have the option
later to build a t-copter and capture the port and city in the port section, for a total
of 4k extra.
4) Go for the tower. You can use the tower and missile to improve your attacking threat,
possibly winning contested properties and good positioning in the center. You can only
gain an extra 1k, however.
blanci1 (09/01/2011 07:08pm | Edited: 09/01/2011 07:10pm):
Very nice idea !
though 2 bases would be fine too imo.
walkerboh01 (09/05/2011 01:04pm):
Yeah, it was 2 originally. I made it 3 because the funding is a bit high for just 2 bases.
bohwalker (11/07/2011 02:47am):
Added preowned AAs to prevent one side from being able to capture the opponent's port. I also
removed one of the cities in the previous pair of contested cities, since it was causing some
gameplay problems.
felix45 (12/10/2011 12:12pm):
Now that my game has started, I will leave this comment.

The best option is obviously the 4 cities. If it were 3 instead of 4, then the other options might
seem better. 4 cities means 21 income once capture phase is over, which means 3 tanks a

I think the only other option that could be worth it would have to be the comm tower, city, and
missile silo, but you would have to essentially win the game with an early rush by taking
more cities in the middle and leaving the opponent without forces to counter attack.

Either way, because the 4 cities is the best option, there is FTA.

I think a further take of this idea could be used on a new map, I will link it here if I make it.
hetchel (03/09/2012 04:41pm):
Most people seem to choose the 4 cities. I also think it's the best choice. You may also
capture your airport and the port later. So in the long run, you get 4k more income than
your opponent (only 3k more if he chose the tower).
By the way, mass-damage COs are at an advantage, because they can aim at the AA.
Everdan (02/20/2015 07:56am | Edited: 02/20/2015 07:59am):
IMO it's a tough call. Yes, 4 cities gets the extra income, but if you do that the other player can opt for the port,
build a black boat, and deny you access to both island airports. i.e. he's going to start cranking out stealths....
This is
also true if you go for the tower. However, the denial strategy is not possible if you go for the airport or port.

On the other hand, if you do go for the airport or port, the other player can comfortably go for the 4 cities. The
extra income allows him to comfortably build a black boat and secure his own airport before you can get a T-
copter over to it.

As such, if you're playing P1, it actually might be best to wait a turn and see what P2 does - if he goes for
airport/port, you go for cities. If not, you go for the port. Of course P2 can do this as well, and pass, putting the
ball back in your court. In the absence of outside influences this could continue ad infinitum, but once you can
build a black boat from your port on the mainland the threat of the opponent going port --> capturing the island
airport becomes impossible. At which point you should go for the cities.

Quite an interesting optimal strategy, I must say. Any thoughts on this from Walker?
walkerboh01 (03/01/2015 02:44am):
Well, first I think we banned stealths on this map for League games. So if you don't have to
worry so much about denying the island airport capture, it seems you are saying that the cities
are clearly the best option.

My response to that is: I'm not so sure. Admittedly, if I remade the map I would spread those 4
cities out a little bit so that it's not such an instant income boost. But I think the unit count and
positioning advantages you can win by going for one of the other options (unit count if you go
for the port or airport, positioning for tower+missile) can balance out the funding disadvantage -
which isn't even so strong for the airport or port sections. And theoretically you can use the
missile to slow down your enemy's captures or contest more of the properties, which might
negate the income disparity anyways.

CO choice can also play a large role in your strategy... I just think the strategic possibilities are
deep enough that it's not immediately obvious that the cities are the best option.
Everdan (08/03/2016 11:56am):
Map seems too narrow on second glance.
ichbinsehselber (03/16/2017 03:59pm | Edited: 01/12/2018 07:35am):
The map is nice but take care if you make a fog game that PL properties are visible on the
screenshots! (this is an awbw glitch)
To avoid the glitch change your country after joining the game

Edit: Fixed by Walker
walkerboh01 (11/27/2017 01:19am | Edited: 02/04/2019 07:10am):
The above glitch is fixed now.
(Patrick) (11/23/2018 02:41pm):
Hey idk how to play
help me
i'm on discord right now
please help

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