control that urge
Creator: MoreSullamaps || First Published: 03/31/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 16x16
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
Rating: 8.20 in 5 ratings
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blanci1 (04/09/2011 10:31am):
looks interesting.. and nice to see only 2 bases .. good for tech-up
Maybe im gonna try with 2000 income i dont see how any minor fta/sta would
cause trouble as the contested elements have defence and will require patience

blanci1 (04/09/2011 11:03am | Edited: 04/09/2011 11:03am):
Are the labs important ? Some lab units in mind ?
sulla (04/10/2011 05:30am):
Nope labs are just there for the looks.
Im_Pro_You_Blow (04/20/2011 01:05am):
By "that urge", you mean the urge to delete your own piperunner to get a com tower?
Meta Rexy (05/12/2011 09:59pm):
This map is very nice, especially with 2000 funds per city. Without having stuff in the
middle you're forced to fight in the corners for the cities and comm tower there, and
you're forced to confront the piperunner so it actually serves a purpose rather than just
act like a missile magnet.
9/10. The labs should be placed a little farther from each other so that lab units is
actually feasible. Perhaps you should move them to the center so that you can make a very
important unit a lab unit, and control of the center would become crucial to victory.

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