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3v3 mountain range II (Design Map by King ZoroJr.)
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Rating: 7.00 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
ichbinsehselber (05/22/2011 02:57am):
In my personal opinion this map has some interesting aspects but also some problems
The map is not symetric.
The broken pipe paths make all units visible in FOW games, not sure if this is bad, but such a
long choke-path seems not such a good idea.
Contested neutral bases.
Last Edited on 05/22/2011 02:57am
omnomnom (06/06/2011 05:56pm):
Hmm I would have to agree about the choke points, however this encourages a centralized
attack which could make for a more interesting game, if people don't like it then just change a
couple of mountains into plains/forest so artillery can help unclog the narrow paths. The only
real problem (in my opinion) is the side teams have their airports so far back which could be
a major set back due to healing and deployment. I would kind of like to see airports in the
mountains to eliminate that and create another opportunity to utilize strategy, overall it's a
solid map

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