(2) easyways
Creator: blozzee || First Published: 05/17/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x25
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.50 in 4 ratings
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bohwalker (05/17/2011 07:01pm):
I'd move the neutral bases a little bit closer to the preowned bases so that the capture
can't be disrupted.
blozzee (05/18/2011 12:04am):
walkerboh01 (05/21/2011 02:19am):
That looks excellent. I like your recent maps =)
ichbinsehselber (05/30/2011 04:00pm):
I like this map. It has all 3 (land, air, sea) and it seems well balanced for both normal and fog
games. (9/10) from me
blozzee (06/08/2011 04:37am):
made some changes on cities placement to balance out Sasha d2d
Mori (09/23/2011 09:16am | Edited: 09/23/2011 09:21am):
Very much enjoying the city placement in general on this map. Fun stuff going on at those
neutral bases too that should prevent it from choking. Kind of wish there wasn't so much
going on in the middle but that's just me, overall this is a great map.
Nyvelion (11/10/2013 09:47am):
Actually looks pretty good, deserves it's A rank.
Watchful_Eye (04/25/2020 05:54pm):
I played this map with a friend and it was great fun. It plays out less focused on the center as it might look on first glance. 9/10

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