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(2) AW2BHR-firststep (Design Map by blozzee)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
blozzee (05/19/2011 11:12am):
Tested this map on emulator. Played against computer on fog lol. I must say it was quite
fun. Well of course when against computer I add some more additional preown bases,
cities and predeployed units on computer side so that the game become more challenging.
Overall this is a good map imo.
Last Edited on 05/19/2011 11:19am
walkerboh01 (06/20/2011 10:22am):
It should work out well as long as the front doesn't develop right on the chokepoint in the center.
If it does, you can always just shift the bases slightly.
blozzee (06/20/2011 11:53pm):
which bases? and where to shift?
happytito123 (09/15/2011 10:31pm):
hey how do u play against computers on ur own map to try it out?

blozzee (09/16/2011 12:05am):
You make your own map in the real advance wars black hole rising game which is on GBA. I
used an emulator to run it on my pc.
Last Edited on 04/25/2013 07:02pm
blozzee (12/15/2011 04:02am):
Btw, this map is best played in FOW..to whoever would like to tag it in fow map category,
I would be pleased to have this map categorized as one.
Last Edited on 12/18/2011 09:01am
felix45 (12/29/2011 04:53am):
remove ports owned by each side, make them neutral. move them within 3 movement of base
and get rid of mountain in between port and base. This will help with slight FTA issues.
blozzee (01/07/2012 10:10am):
Having a slight FTA doesn't mean anything of dominance. You have no idea what kind of
probability of winning and losing especially a map that's design for FOW like this.
Myroc (05/11/2014 10:47am):
This is probably my favorite map on the entire site. Fog of War games on this map is just
so much fun, and I'd really like to see more maps in this style.

Last Edited on 05/11/2014 10:48am
Chiku (02/05/2018 09:25pm):
trees everywhere

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